Our company was established in 1975, It was founded by our father by name Kilic Demir Dograma in Gaziantep.  Our company is engaged in manufacture of wrought iron works in Gaziantep, in 1999 focuses on the blinds doors steel door sector and it has given the industry the steel door of our own design.

On the same year the company has changed its name to the Sistem Celik Kapı. Our company is well-known in region by the design and durability of products and 5 year warranty to customers with manufacturing and assembly proved our confidence in the product. Today, the 2,000 m² and 1000 m²  of open area of the factory managed to become the largest steel door company.

With over 37 years of knowledge and experience and is committed to the principle of good faith that quality-service product and make more precise the mechanization of manufacturing and production line was launched.  Ever-growing customer portfolio with Steel Door Systems is among the leading companies in the sector. First of all thank you for the effort given to our father Izzet Kilic and and thanks all our employees and the customer.